BA Beef Club – opens for three evenings

Butcher Wolfpack & Frank Heller are going to open the BA Beef Club for three evenings this year

The Butcher Wolfpack is a national group of butchers that will be represented at the World Butchers Championships in Sacramento (USA) in early September 2022. To kick off, the Butcher Wolfpack and Frank Heller invite you to the signature menu in the BA Beef Club in Park Plaza Nuremberg.

At BA Beef Club culinary heavenly happiness is within your grasp. The focus of the signature menu is on seven courses, such as lamb, birch wood, cocoa and fennel, chicken, hay, apple, chestnuts, pork, leaves, mushrooms, charcoal and dry aged rib-eye, red beer, charcoal and honey.

Don’t miss this special event: 16 exclusive places are available for Friday, November 26th, 2021 and Saturday, November 27th, 2021. It starts at 6pm. Reservations are accepted at (€ 170 per person with accompanying wine).

Bavarian American Bar

The Bavarian American Bar is a slick, modern cocktail bar offering a selective menu of signature cocktails – including classics and martinis as well as a range of drinks inspired by Nuremberg and Bavaria. Why not try a Nuremberg-distilled Gin or Whisky, or our range of local brandies?

As we do not have parking possibilities, we offer parking in a nearby parking garage.

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